Submitted on 10/08/2017

Predictive ecological models for 39 climax and subclimax habitats were built based on the Hungarian Actual Habitat Database (MÉTA). Environmental predictors were, among others, the fine-resolution, downscaled climate and soil data.

Submitted on 31/05/2017

Prediction of the potential planting area for woody ornamental plants based on potential natural vegetation models was defended at the Doctoral School of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Ecology of SZIE by Ákos Bede-Fazekas.

Submitted on 21/04/2015

The distribution maps of natural, semi-natural habitats of Hungary are available now in digital formats (ESRI shape with legend, PDF) based on the handbook of Bölöni J., Molnár Zs., Kun A. (szerk.) Magyarország élőhelyei. A hazai vegetációtípusok leírása és határozója, ÁNÉR 2011. MTA ÖBKI, Vácrátót, 439 old.

The databases and the related information can be found at the 'Help/Segítség tab' for downloading, that is accesible after registration and log in.

Submitted on 21/04/2015

The European Soil Database (ESDB) is the main source of information from which most other data information and services are derived. On our page can be found 3 databases:

European Soil Database Vector Raw Data,
European Soil Database Raster Library 1kmx1km,
European Soil Database Derived Data.

The databases and the related information can be found at the 'Help/Segítség tab' for downloading, that is accesible after registration.

Submitted on 12/11/2014

On 24-25 October, András Zlinszky visited the ESA Coastal Altimetry Workshop in Konstanz, Germany. The meeting dealt with extension of Satellite Altimetry surveying of ocean height to the coastal and inland zone, and discussed novel processing algorithms, satellite sensors and applications. András presented Airborne Laser Scanning, a technique regularly applied for mapping land topography, as a potential new tool for high-resolution surveying of water surface height in the coastal and inland areas. The first applications from Lake Balaton prove the accuracy of this sensor system, opening...

Submitted on 29/06/2014

Instead of a single colour map for one attribute, any combination of three point attributes can be mapped to each of the three primary colours. This visualization scheme exploits our intuitive understanding of the RGB colour scheme for dealing with three arbitrary attributes simultaneously.

Submitted on 24/06/2014

Two-day GIS training courses were organized for beginners to raise awareness, knowledge and skills.

Submitted on 22/06/2014

Research center submitting the proposal:
MTA Centre for Ecological Research (MTA ÖK)
Head of the research center: András Báldi, PhD, DSc
Principal Investigator: Zoltán Botta-Dukát, DSc