AGRATéR - Extending NATÉR/NAGIS within the Agriculture Sector ...

Starting, ending: 
May, 2015 to December, 2015

The main objectives of AGRATéR project are
i) to build and run models for representative agro-ecosystems of Hungary to assess impact of climate change under different scenarios,
ii) to develop, adapt and evaluate vulnerabilty assessment framework to the agriculture sector,
iii) to produce new GIS layers to extend NATéR database.

EcoInfLab (MTA ÖK) contributed in this project by running Biome-BGC 4.1.1 MPI ecosystem model simulations on the ECOS server for various grassland and forest type ecosystems in baseline period (1961-1990), then under ALADIN and RegCM regional climate model scenarios (2021-2050, 2071-2100) for Hungary.

It developed also a vulnerability assessment case study for natural grassland management in Hungary.