Biome-BGC Ecosystem Modelling on the BioVeL Portal

Biome-BGC is a process-based biogeochemical model that can be used to simulate carbon, nitrogen and water fluxes of different terrestrial ecosystems. Two versions of the model can be executed on the BioVeL Portal, that utilizes internet-wide biodiversity web services and Taverna Workflow Management System. A set of Biome-BGC ecosystem modelling workflows were developed to perform various analysis (i.e. model-data fusion, carbon sequestration, ecosystem service indicators), simulations or impact studies.

These models require a structured set of inputs and parameters. The Biome-BGC Project Database & Management System (BBGCDB) was developed to support users to manage various Biome-BGC ecosystem modelling investigations, and to share related input, parameter, initialisation and output files.

New version of the model: the Biome-BGC MuSo (Hidy et al. 2012; Hidy and Barcza 2014), the Biome-BGC web services, workflows and BBGCDB (Horváth et al. 2014) were developed by the Knowledge-base & e-Infrastructure Group of the MTA Centre for Ecological Research in cooperation with the research group of Prof. Zoltán Barcza at the Meteorology Department of Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest under the BioVeL - Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory, 2011-2014 EU FP7 project.


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